What should I wear?


It will be hot, and we want you to be comfortable. This is a beach formal event, so light and airy fabrics are the way to go!

Cha- Ching 


The currency in Mexico is the peso, but the US dollar is also accepted in most places. Bear in mind that the change you will receive will most likely be in pesos. Credit cards will also be accepted in most retail stores.

What identification do I need to bring?


A passport will be required to travel between Mexico and the United States. Please double check that your passport is still valid.

Can I bring my mini me?


Although we love your kiddos, we request that our wedding be an adults only affair. Solaz, however, is a kid friendly resort, so it’s possible to make this a family trip. Please let us know if you are interested in babysitting services on the day of the wedding.

Will my phone work?


Most cell phone contracts include data roaming in Mexico, but please double check with your carrier beforehand. We’d hate for you to not be able to post stories/selfies on Snapchat and Instagram.

More questions?


Please email us if you have further questions about the wedding weekend, want to book an excursion, or are interested in baby sitting services. We will get you in touch with our wedding coordinator, Pamela.